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I want to live in a castle with giant smiling skull faced towers. I would hire a few Viking-ish dudes clad in decidedly small pants, knee boots, an armored fist, and with epic blonde locks to be my guards. I would require a rad sound system for the interior as well. Wimpy speakers will simply be inadequate for the skull shaking anthems of a certain Leeds based metal band I found a while back.

You think I'm crazy. Don't you? Don't answer that.....

Just look at the cover of Dream Tröll's new album "The Knight of Rebellion". How cool is that? Castles, warriors, magic, swords, killer riffs, and soaring vocals. It's a mental vacation back to the He-Man images of the 80's but with a better hair stylist. What more do you need?

Don't answer that either.

Planted firmly in the realms of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, this album has a sound that deserves much more than a passing glance. In my opinion, this album has that quality sound that makes you look at random other bands and wonder how they get so much air play. Therein  lies the beauty of Bandcamp. It's a haven for top notch music, basically unaffected by corporate songwriting teams and autotuned nightmares. Oh yeah, here......

“The Knight of Rebellion” is full of impressive musicianship. There are also rumblings of a political connection according to British web media, but I'll be the first to tell you I could give a rat's arse what a band does in their personal business (unless you're a pedo or a murderer, then you can fuck off). I care about the music. So let's keep talking about it.

Track 1) Time for Vengeance....It opens with a great big soaring riff that reminds me of “The Hellion”. The vocal harmonies will make you want to sing along, that is, if you can hit the high notes. We're talking Rob Halford-like high notes. They bring back memories of cranking up the volume on a playlist that consisted of Judas Priest and Queensryche and belting out the choruses because I could and I didn't care if my neighbors disapproved. Of course this was back  before cassettes were considered retro.

Track 2) Velvet Drawbridge....A crowd friendly sing along chorus-call-and-response sort of thing you know? Can you say hello Iron Maiden influence? “Velvet Drawbridge” is the sort of tune that could just as easily have been on a Maiden album. Epic guitars, lyrics that tell a story and vocals that effortlessly hit those high notes.

Track 3) Mons Ominosus....A driving beat, killer shredding, and storytelling make this the most quest worthy song on the album. Rumor has it there may be a guest vocalist somewhere in this song, but I can neither confirm or deny.

Track 4) Lost in the Pages....I don't know what it is about me finding so many songs lately that make it easy to envision a sword on my back and riding a horse through rain and fog. I can't pick one thing that stands out the most to me. I just like this song alot.

Track 5) A Fairy's Tale...Maybe I'm weirder than I think, but five seconds into this song, it felt like “Bark at the Moon” era Ozzy. Well, until the spoken word part.....then I felt like I was in a medieval village being yelled at by a guy standing on a box telling a story of trolls and fairies. It was pretty cool.

Track 6) Unwanted by the Gods....Love the groovy intro! This is power metal to the core. It's just an awesome tune overall.

Track 7) (The) Earthbound Betrayal....Here is the most badass riff on the entire album. I like it all, but this riff is tops. The vocals are especially strong here. It makes me want to hear these guys do “Eyes of a Stranger” because I know that all parties involved could nail a cover.

If you are a fan of that huge arena rocking wall of sound you get at a Maiden or a Priest show, then give this a listen. If you have an air guitar compulsion like me, you should give this a listen. Most of all, if you want a epically awesome soundtrack to your next quest for the damsel in distress, to slay the dragon, or to just go buy groceries, you need this album. Happy questing...

Later kids,

Shel, the wizard of wordiness


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