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Interview TID

Updated: Sep 24, 2020


Claudio Marino Martin Persner Simon Söderberg Björn Nilsson Arvid Persner

would you introduce your band and describe your music to someone that has never heard about TID?

Dark, majestic and mysterios songs that invites you to another world.

In Swedish TID means “Time”, but also it can be read as “Time Is Divine” (see, how did you choose the name?

We wanted a short name in Swedish. We had a long list of names and Tid was by far the best one. And it is an interesting thing, Time.

Time Is Divine is just a good name we choose for our website – it has nothing to do with the actual band name.

After Bortom Inom released in 2007 and Giv akt released in 2010, you are back with a new album “Fix idé” that is now available. Still, your music comes with complex and meaningful artwork, symbols… What were your inspirations for this album?

Lots of different music from different genres, many different movies and documentaries. We basically get inspired by a lot of different things from music and films to art and culture. Then we take the inspiration and create the world of Tid.

Six years have passed since the last album Give Akt, it’s not as long as a new Metallica but… What were you doing this time?

Collected inspiration and wrote good songs. :)  

When did you decide to write a new album?

The same days we released the last one. We always write a new album – it just takes a little more time than most bands.

Fix Idé has been recorded, mixed an co-produced by Niels Nilsen, how was the collaboration?

Great. He understood what we were after in terms of sounds and also – he is an old friend of ours so it was a very relaxed and fun recording to do. When people understand what you want to do and everyone can work towards the same goal it feels good and good energy is being put into the recording and songs.

 It seems with this third album that people’s interest for TID is growing up on social networks and due to the demand your label ( The Sign Records) have made a second press vinyl. How do you feel about that?

Very good! We are happy that people are prepared to pay for our music and art.

As for the video-clip “Aurora Surrealis”, Fix Idé feels like a film, with its own character and emotions, that we're allowed to follow and understand. Could you say more about the link between your music and the visual?

Well – as movies are a big inspiration for us it is natural to use it when presenting our own music. Sometimes one simple picture or photo can give idead to a whole song or album. We like the idea of being inspired of and using artwork to enhance the music.

Now your album is out, is a tour planned? Do we have a chance to see you play live soon?

We are planning for this at the moment. Sooner or later we will play live shows.

Finally, could you tell us one thing or two about TID that nobody knows, so that we can show off tomorrow at work?

Tell your work buddies about Tid itself simply, as we figure they probably don't know anything at all about us as we are a small band. If they like it you can be the cool person that found Tid first. 


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